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With a utility arborist on staff for tree removal and pruning near high voltage lines, Western Tree Services Corp. can provide all of the following services for your project:

Danger Tree Assessments

Our certified arborists will inspect potential hazard trees on your property and provide a written prescription for management based on the health of the tree and potential hazards to nearby structures.

Tree Removals

If a tree has to be removed we can take it down quickly, safely, and with a minimum of impact to the site. Our crews are fully trained in fall management and are fully insured against any eventuality. Removed vegetation can be chipped and hauled away, left for fill or ground cover, or can be cut to lumber or firewood lengths. And yes, we can even split it for you.

Tree Thinning & Tree Pruning

In a forest, trees naturally compete with each other for space and limit individual growth within a healthy range. But in a yard setting, trees must be thinned periodically to ensure their health and integrity. Trees will always grow to fill available space and maximize exposure to available light. However, when a tree develops excessive spread or overabundant leaves and branch material, or when it over grows its natural footprint, it can become susceptible to high winds and its health will be at risk of being compromised. Proper maintenance will ensure a long and healthy life for the trees in your yard.

Tree Crown Reduction

As with thinning and pruning above, the crown of a very tall tree can become overly full; at great heights the light is more abundant and so a tree that is head and shoulders above its neighbors will naturally grow wide and full to take in as much light as possible, and will begin to grow even faster once it has achieved this advantageous position. But winds more than 10 meters above the grounds can be dramatically higher than those we feel standing on the ground, and pose a great danger to overly full crowns at height. Reduction minimizes the potential for the tree to be blown over by moderate winds, and removes some of the light gathering power of the tree, which reduces the speed of growth and helps the long term health of the tree in a yard setting.

View Tree Trimming

Branches may be selectively removed by our experienced climbers to create or retain the view from your home.

Hedge Trimming and Small Tree Maintenance

We have the tools and expertise to manage all sorts of hedges and small trees, and can offer yearly or seasonal maintenance visits.

Tree Maintenance Plans

Western Tree Services can provide a year over year service plan for your property to maintain the integrity of your garden and the longevity of your trees, at a substantial cost savings over a per-job call out. Services under the plan include hedge trimming, leaf blowing, pruning and thinning, as well as large tree maintenance. Call us to schedule a free site review to discuss the long term care of your property.

Stump Grinding

In the event of a tree removal, we can take the stump down to base to reclaim the footprint of the tree and improve the appearance of your yard.

Not quite sure what you need for your budget or think your job is too big? We offer a no-obligation, free estimate to help you with your project. Connect with us today!

Western Tree Services is proud to offer commercial + residential tree services in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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