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There are many questions we receive about how we go about our job in managing residential and commercial tree service. Please take a few minutes to read through some of the more popular questions we get and then contact us if you have any further questions.

Can you work near power lines?

Yes. Each crew is headed by a Certified Utility Arborist, fully qualified to perform any work required near residential power circuits. Western
Tree Services Corp. regularly contracts to BC Hydro to clear power transmission lines, and are experts at electrical safety on the job.

Can felled trees be left for lumber?

Yes, in most cases. A surcharge may apply, dependent on the specific layout of the property, the size of the trees, and their proximity to the house or other structures.

Can split wood be stacked?

In most cases, yes. Again, a surcharge applies to stacking firewood, when requested.

Can your crew split firewood following removals?

Yes, if requested. A small surcharge applies to splitting work.

Can you leave cut trees as firewood?

Yes. Upon request, removed trees and branches can be cut to firewood length, as short as 14 inches.

Can any tree stumps be removed?

Yes. Tree stumps can be ground to base level at an hourly rate. The total charge will depend on the size of the base and the time required to level the stump.

Can wood chips be left on site as fill, cover, or compost?

Yes. We can leave material piled or can chip it into beds near the work site.

Will the crew clean up the site?

Yes. All large material (such as downed limbs) are chipped and removed as part of the standard package, and small material such as leaves and twigs are blown and/or raked.

What type of equipment does Western Tree Services Corp. have?

Western Tree Services can deploy up to 5 boom trucks with arms between 64 and 75 feet at working height. Most buckets are also equipped with hydraulic trim saws to minimize noise where possible. Each truck tows a 12-inch Vermeer chipper capable of reducing all but the largest trimmings to chips. All trucks are equipped with a dump box to haul away chipped material. For some smaller yard work, we use a chip truck only, where an aerial boom is not needed or cannot be used.

Are you registered with WorkSafe BC?

Yes. We are fully registered with WSB, and all our employees are covered. We can provide documentation upon request.

Do you carry Liability insurance?

Yes. Western Tree Services carries coverage up to $5 million in general liability and up to $3 million in 3rd Party liability.

Not quite sure what you need for your budget or think your job is too big? We offer a no-obligation, free estimate to help you with your project. Connect with us today!

Western Tree Services is proud to offer commercial + residential tree services in North Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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